Proposal Of Communication

The space "Researcher's Corner" allows FIET2022 participants to present experiences carried out in their institutions or to present research results, linked to projects focused on Education and Technology and, in particular, to the STEAM approach.




All authors of a submission must have signed up on the FIET2022 platform.

Only authors who have registered for FIET2022 and paid the registration fee will be issued a certificate of submission.

At least 50% of the authors signing the paper must be registered in FIET2022 and pay the registration feed.

The URV Publications Service will publish all accepted and presented papers in a digital publication with Creative Commons license and ISBN.

Important dates

Until 10 June 2022    Submission of paper proposals

Until 16 June 2022    Notification of acceptance (with and without modifications)

Until 26 June 2022    Submission of papers accepted with modifications

                June 2022    Conference date: Oral presentation (in person or via videoconference)



Submission of paper proposals

(1) Write the paper proposal following the indications and using the template below.

(2) Sign up in the FIET platform through the form that appears in the Register menu.

(3) Access the FIET platform (from the Register menu or directly from the user access) and upload the paper proposal - only one author, preferably the first author or corresponding author.



Notification of acceptance

All paper proposals are subject to blind review by the FIET2022 Scientific Committee.

From the 2nd of May 2022 until 10th of June 2022, you will receive the decision of the reviewers in the e-mail address you have indicated in the registration.

In case the paper is accepted with modifications, you must make the second submission until the 20th of June 2022.



Oral presentation – 29 June

You will have 10' for the oral presentation of your paper.

If you want to accompany your presentation with visual support, please use the "FIET Presentation Template".

In person. On the 22nd of June 2022 we will inform you of the time and place in the Faculty of Education where you will give your presentation. You will have a computer and multimedia projector at your disposal.

Online. On the 22nd of June 2022 we will inform you of the time you will have to make the presentation and the instructions to access the videoconference space.



All contributions should be submitted according the following indications, using template found add:


  • Abstract: 200 words.

  • Keywords (maximum 4 words)
  • A4 size.

  • Margins left-right-top-bottom 2.5 cm.

  • Body text: Between 10,000 and 15,000 characters with spaces, including references (but without counting abstracts and keywords).
  • Font TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 pt.

  • Single spaced.

  • Language: Catalan, Spanish or English

  • References according to APA guidelines 7th edition (

  • The document should be named with the author's name and surname  (with a chronological number if there is more than one submission).

  • The file must include the totality of the work (text, tables, figures, diagrams, etc.) with each item in their appropriate place.

  • The 1st page will indicate: Title, authors, ORCID number, institutions;  email address of the contact person, summary and keywords.

Other important considerations for the presentation of contributions:


  • All contributions received will be subject to a blind review by the Conference’ Scientific Committee.

  • For the presentation and publication of contributions, with ISBN, at least 50% of the authors must have registered for the Congress.

  • The Scientific Committee may propose the presentation of contributions to indexed journals related to the organising institutions.

  • The authors will have the audiovisual and IT resources required for the presentation of different communications; however, the type of resources that are required should be communicated to the organisers in advance. 

Other considerations

If you have any doubt related to your paper you can write to

You have to be registered to submit a proposal.
For this, click the following link:

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